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What is the meaning behind our ACE label?

We are very proud of our ACE bags but we are even prouder of our label attached to each of our products. Let me tell you why… 


Circular fashion

What is circular fashion? Circular fashion is a model for sustainable change within the fashion industry. It is a never ending cycle where every aspect of production is to take into consideration : sourcing, design, manufacturing, shipping, usage, recycling… This then takes us straight back to the sourcing part of the cycle.  Recycling is critical for circularity because it's the only way fashion can have a positive impact on the planet.


1% for the planet

We are a proud member of the 1% For The Planet Organization. Through this program, we are grateful to be working closely with Healthy Seas, an amazing organization that cleans up the lost fishing nets from the oceans so that we are able to use it as the body material for our collection once they are regenerated into the premium sustainable yarn ECONYL®

Link: 1% for the Planet - Homepage ( 


Nordic Heritage

Since we both grew up in Sweden and Belgium where sustainable behaviors are parts of the national pride, it was important for us to create a brand that puts forward these Nordic values and that they guide us through our everyday work. Did you know Sweden is by far the most sustainable country in the world, it has the highest renewable energy usage and lowest carbon emissions.


Recycled & Recyclable 

Our Bags are infinitely recyclable, the ECONYL® Regeneration System is a unique process allowing us to use recycled nylon waste material instead of depleting new resources from oil-based polluting nylon and to reduce our global warming impact of producing nylon by up to 90%. 

It is a perfect circular material to create new products again and again!



Give back program

Our unique recycling program transforms our "end-of-life" bags into new products. Good for the planet and good for you: Recycle your used bag and get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

We take responsibility for the products we put out there, we do not want them to end up in landfills and oceans and add more waste. This is why every bag we sell comes with a promise of recycling: when your bag reaches its end of life, we commit to disassemble and repurpose every component.


Now you know the meaning behind our label, and how much it means to us to create a sustainable and chic bag ready to take on the world!