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The ACE Bag use certified sustainable materials from ECONYL® for their sustainable  Tote Bags, Cosmetic Bags and Backpacks. ACE is a eco fashion brand offering gym bags, tote bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags for active people on the GO!

From Waste to Fashion

Only 9% of the plastic produced worldwide gets recycled. 

The rest ends up in landfills and oceans severely harming marine life and endangering our ecosystems. If nothing changes there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. 

​Protect our planet and take responsability to tackle environmental issues are vital.  This is why the main material of our collection is made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon from waste such as fishing nets recovered from the oceans.

ACE uses ECONYL® yarn for all bags. The ACE Bag offers sustainable Gym bags, Travel Bags, Work bags, ALL DAY bags, Black Tote Bags, Eco friendly fashion for a sustainable world. The bags are recycled and recyclable thanks to our Give Bag program.

Certified Premium Italian Nylon

Our innovative premium yarns for our fabrics are made by an Italian pioneer company who's vision is to make the world a better place by delivering 100% sustainable materials.

Through a sophisticated purification process, ocean nylon waste and other post-consumer scraps are transformed into a regenerated nylon fiber called ECONYL®.

This nylon can be recycled infinitely without any loss in material quality, which makes it perfectly circular.

Links to Certifications:

REACH Compliant

OEKO-TEX® Standard

PA6 fibers 100% recycled, with post-consumer and pre-consumer content.


Fashion with Purpose

We are proud to collaborate with Healthy Seas, a non profit initiative which is cleaning up the seas of marine litter, mainly abandoned fishing nets, responsible for the death and capture of turtles, whales, dolphins and many other animals. 

They work with volunteer divers that recover those “ghost nets” from the North, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas and send them to a regeneration plant to turn them into a first quality nylon. 

​Healthy Seas is also doing important work in collaboration with the fishermen community in raising awareness and implementing prevention activities.

And for every bag we sell, we are donating 1% to support Healty Seas ocean cleaning initiatives.


Our Give Back Program

Repurposing post-consumer waste is one efficient way to commit to the circular fashion model. Every ACE bag comes with a promise of recycling through our "Give Back  program". Customers can return  their end-of-life bags to us and the old material will be recycled to make sure we close the loop.

Give Back Program

How ACE is embracing Circular Fashion

By using recycled and recyclable materials for our products and therefore minimizing the use of new resources.

By designing long lasting and multi-use products, we motivate consumers to choose well and buy less.

By carrying limited inventory, so we avoid overproduction.

By versing a portion of our sales to organizations working on improving the environment through eco-friendly initiatives.

By involving and raising awareness among our consumers and inspire an eco-conscious community.

By our unique "Give Back program", we close the loop and recycle your "end-of-life" bag into new materials for new products.