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"To change the world, start with your bag."

The Sustainable Mag published a bautiful article about our circular bags this week!

"To change the world, start from your bag!" This is an amazing quote from Paola Vinci who, together with Francesca Manfredi, created this digital fashion magazine to promote sustainable brands and stories and connect people and labels involved in a better future.
Thank you so much for spreading the word! So proud to make the cover of such a nice platform! 

Discover the article here:

"ACE realizes sustainable bags that empower women with a non-stop and demanding lifestyle, who need an “all-day long” bag.


What if your bag makes you dream a better future?

That’s the objective of ACE, a brand which promotes an “Active, Chic and Eco-conscious” lifestyle.

How does ACE bag look like?

The primary objective of ACE is to demonstrate that ethic can meet aesthetic.

Minimal and functional, ACE bags are chic and versatile; they can be carried on the shoulders, cross-body but they can also be handbags.

What is more beautiful than a bag that enlightens women and respect the environment?

ACE’s iconic product is the Tote Bag, a sporty chic that fits every outfit and occasion, representing the ideal “all day bag” for work, travel and gym. It is lightweight, spacious and even machine washable, a true ally of women.

The minimal design and the color palette ensure a timeless and durable bag that can accompany and empower women in their everyday life.

Stylish bags respectful of the environment. What is behind?

Each ACE bag is made of recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste transformed into a performing yarn called ECONYL®. This premium yarn can be endlessly recycled without ever loosing quality, as we explain here.

Not only sustainable production but also consumption. Customers are infact involved in the eco-conscious business model by the “Give back” option. They have the opportunity to give back their “end of life” bags, that are recycled and converted into new performing products.

The regeneration of yarns and the redesign of bags are just a part of a circular production process focused on transparency and traceability. The brand acts in compliance with strict regulations and select only responsible suppliers.

In order to avoid waste and overproduction, ACE has adopted a pre-order system: bags are realized on demand and by 2022 the brand aims to become 100% circular.

Why education is so important at ACE bag?

Sustainability is not only about production, it inevitably involves consumption.

In order to foster responsible behaviors and educate conscious consumers, ACE collaborates with Healthy Seas, an initiative that cleans the oceans from marine pollution.

ACE donates 1% of its sales to this association to support fishing communities, to help the environment but also to raise awareness about the problem.

It is crucial to let people understand the importance of preserving biodiversity with a special attention to prevention activities.


Why to choose ACE bags?

Whether you are a sport addicted woman, a chic lady or an eco-conscious person, ACE is the bag for you.

Whether you are a sport addicted woman, a chic lady or an eco-conscious person, ACE is the bag for you.

It is enough to look at a woman’s purse to tell who she is and what she does. For this reason, Sandra and Anna, ACE Co-founders, decided to start their revolution from a bag, inspiring women to follow a sustainable lifestyle and to share a set of values.

To change the world, start from your bag!"

From Paola Vinci - co founder at the Sustainable Mag