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The Fabricant | A Digital Fashion House

“We waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but our imagination. Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences.”

Founders of The Fabricant 


During the spring 2023 Paris fashion week, Coperni marked the history of fashion with the model Bella Hadid and her innovative spray on dress. Bella Hadid’s body was sprayed with a unique spray-on fabric which was imagined by The Fabricant. The Fabricant is a digital fashion House leading the fashion industry towards a new sector : Digital and virtual fashion. 


The brand was founded in 2018, sustainability is an important aspect of their brand : “ We are committed to the creation of a new fashion perspective that revolutionizes industry systems, and makes self expression through digital clothing a sustainable way to explore personal identity.“

Digital fashion comes with 3 aspects : Virtual fashion, e-commerce and the digitalization of production. These 3 aspects decrease enormously the carbon footprint of fashion brands. 


They also aim to democratize and equalize the fashion world and give the opportunity to creators with a unstoppable imagination : “In this new reality, a kid in Dakar stands as much chance as a kid in Paris of becoming an influential fashion force, with the tools to bring their ideas to life and a network of supporters that promotes, distributes and sells their work.”


Will we be seeing more and more luxury brands turn to the digital and virtual world? Could this be the solution to decrease the carbon footprint of the fashion and textile industry? What do you think?