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Luxury fashion brands choses ECONYL® - so do we!

The plastic pellets you see on the photo are regenerated from rescued fishing nets and other nylon waste, soon remolded and designed into something new...

We love fashion  - but without compromising the environment. Along with Stella McCartney, GUCCI, Prada and other brands, we have teamed up with Aquafill, one of the worlds most innovative sustainable nylon yarn companies to create beautiful products with purpose.

Through years of research, Aquafill has developed a closed loop regeneration process for delivering sustainable ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarns by turning nylon waste into new resources. It's a circular process because the materials can be recycled and remolded again and again, without loosing its quality.

Explained in a simple way, here is the process from an abandoned fishing net in the ocean (and other nylon waste) turned into a high end fashion bag.

1. RESCUE: Volunteer divers rescue abandoned fishing nets from the oceans and, together with other nylon waste collected from landfills, the waste is sorted and cleaned to recover the nylon.

2. REGENERATE: Through a radical regeneration and purification process the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity.

3. REMAKE: ECONYL® regenerated nylon is processed into textile yarn and weaved into beautiful high quality fabrics.

4. REIMAGINE: Fashion brands like us use these nylon fabrics to create new products which have the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality. 

We believe this is just the beginning. More and more companies will have to choose this way of producing and reusing waste. Because we have no other choice, the planets resources aren't infinite. And it's up to us, designers & consumers, to change our way of producing and consuming!